West Pokot Senator Prof John Lonyangapuo has said the Deputy President ,William Ruto, should stop misleading Rift Valley residents that, the Independence party, KANU is in the opposition.

Senator Lonyangapuo said KANU is part of the Jubilee Government and not in the opposition as claimed by the Deputy President.

“KANU is part of the Jubilee government and not the opposition as he(Ruto) told the people of Kericho. He should therefore allow the people of Kericho to elect their candidate of choice because the two top contenders are both in Jubilee coalition,” said Lonyangapuo.

He said it was unfortunate for Ruto and his allies to mislead Kenyans that voting for KANU would take the community to the opposition.

Prof Lonyangapuo also sought to dismiss claims by the Deputy President that the cockerel party was out to divide the Rift Valley.

He said the party was in the Jubilee administration to stay and called on President Uhuru Kenyatta to step in to mend cracks within the coalition.

“KANU was among other political parties that signed political agreements to form the Jubilee government and any contrary opinion is misleading,” added Lonyangapuo.



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